Laserised Golf Swing Spot Corrector


Size: 60mm x 13.5mm

Weight: 29g

Batteries: 3 x LR44 included (also known as AG16)

Power: 5mW
Attention: It’s a laser Spot ,Not a line!

How to use:
For a great drill to practise your swing and get used to that ‘on plane’ feel at the driving range, or even in the garden, at home, at work, anywhere!

Place a golf ball on the mat/floor and draw a straight line in chalk in front of & behind the ball about 1 meter long.
Address the golf ball in your normal stance and begin your backswing slowly.
Once the club head has started to rise towards your shoulder level, the laser will begin to appear on the mat/floor in front of the golf ball.
Ideally, the laser line then needs to go through, or very close to, the ball and continue along the chalk line.
Repeat that action to allow your muscle memory to retain that feeling. Once you get to the top of your backswing, slowly bring the club head down towards the ball and the laser line needs to follow the that chalk line again and through the ball.